Project Management

In this day and age, the use of an interim manager in project management is no longer a temporary phenomenon, but rather a set planning factor in companies.


Often there is a lack of resources for large, complex projects, or skills are required that are not available internally. Experience has also shown that in the role of external project manager, an interim manager can tackle the task pragmatically, without being burdened by the past, independently, and with focus.


The tasks of an interim project manager can be very diverse in nature. The following is a list of possibilities:

Of course this list is not exhaustive. Experience has also shown that a task in project management can generally be easily defined, but during the course of the project, so-called sub-tasks are added, which the interim manager (often silently) carries out in addition. One example of a sub-task is the coaching of individual employees during their participation in the project.


Are you considering calling in an experienced interim manager to provide support for an upcoming project in your life science company? We look forward to hearing from you!