Line Management

In order to temporarily carry out a line function as an interim manager, a quick and focused grasp of the task at hand is required, followed by congruent thinking, speaking and action. In general, interim managers only have a few days in which to completely grasp the situation, to ensure that the investment is worthwhile for the company.


An interim manager does not pursue any political agenda, does not allow him or herself to be influenced by false considerations or unofficial hierarchies, is not burdened by the past and most importantly, stands out for a clear task-orientation, personal integrity and direct responsibility for results. As a company-oriented interim manager, he or she is also obliged – in cooperation with the client – to be committed to establishing a suitable succession plan.


Does your life science company have a vacant management position you would like to fill temporarily with an interim manager? Or have you created a new management position that you would like to develop during a set-up phase with the help of an interim manager? We look forward to hearing from you!