Thank you very much for your interest in our Interim Management Services.


Your initiative

Are you considering an interim manager for a line function, a project or for a change process? Then we look forward to hearing from you! You have the option of contacting us by telephone, by e-mail or with an enquiry via the portal on our website.


Initial situation

You describe your requirements to us; perhaps you have already produced a job description, functional specifications or a project description, or some basic objectives for the change process. If that’s not the case, no problem – we will be happy to assist you with the process.


Non-binding candidate search

Once the initial situation has been described and the candidate requirements are mutually understood, we will propose at least three candidates by means of blind profiles from our pool of interim managers.


Selection process

From the blind profiles provided, you select the candidates you consider most suitable for the task in question.


Introductory meeting

We organise and support the introductory process. For an initial meeting we offer you the opportunity to get to know the candidates by means of a telephone conference or at a personal meeting. Please note that travel expenses may be incurred for a personal meeting with the candidates, which you will have to cover. Details will be mutually agreed in advance.


Selection made

As soon as you have picked a candidate you should inform us as quickly as possible. Following your feedback we will inform all the candidates accordingly. Up to this point you will incur no costs for our services.



You have decided on a candidate. Using the information already available, our joint discussions and any documents to hand, we produce the agreement between you and our company. At the same time we will conclude the agreement with the interim manager on the same basis. Consequently the basis for a successful collaboration is contractually arranged for all parties. 


Starting work

Together with you and the interim manager, we make sure that the preparations for the interim manager to start work in your company are carried out to optimum effect. In the course of our process support we also offer a non-binding checklist.


Sparring partners

It is part of our philosophy that we personally support you, our client, and the interim manager as sparring partners during the assignment. We are the coach on the personal and technical levels, the link for quality assurance, and we offer additional tips and tools which are helpful for the assignment and the collaboration.



Every assignment comes to an end. At the right time, together with you and the interim manager, we take responsibility and support you in this phase to achieve an orderly, sustainable and successful conclusion to the assignment.